Welcome to stone & ceramics in Canary Wharf

We are specialist stone and ceramic tiling contractor local to Canary Wharf. We provide a complete service, delivering quality stone and ceramic solutions to supply, install, maintain and repair all natural stone along with high-quality porcelain/ceramic floor and wall tiles.

Our work is built firmly on reputation and our core values - we work in partnership with our customers in Canary Wharf, we listen to their needs and deliver what we say we will on time and in budget.

Stone and tiling canary wharf

Specialist tiling contractors in Canary Wharf

Fitting stone and ceramic tiles is a specialist skill and has been at the heart of our business for over 15 years. Stone and Ceramic solutions provide first class technical expertise to supply and fix all natural stone along with high-quality porcelain, ceramic and mosaic floor and wall tiles. We also carry out work with all types of man-made materials such as Corian, Silestone and Dekton.

As a specialist tiling contractor we are able to work across all industry sectors from major commercial projects and residential developments to shops, stately homes and hotels. We have worked across Canary Wharf and the UK in a range of settings and aspire to work with the nation’s leading brands and iconic buildings. Click here to find out more.


tile and stone installastion canary wharf

Stone fabrication & installation Canary Wharf

What makes us different is our ability to source, fabricate and install bespoke designs crafted in natural and man-made materials at prices that compete with mass-produced stonework. Our work can range from the simplest of jobs using standard sized products through to bespoke designs all manufactured to individual requirements. We can source, fabricate and install stonework in a range of settings including hotels, public spaces and residential projects. From steps, up-stands to pool copings, fireplaces, vanity units and worktops -- the possibilities are endless. Click here to find out more.


ston and cleaning canary wharf

Stone cleaning and maintenance Canary Wharf

We are able to provide maintenance and cleaning schedules to ensure the long term protection and beauty of finished installations. These can range from one off visits, checkups or routine schedules to meet the needs of our clients.

Our maintenance programmes are designed to clean and maintain all types of Stone and tile installations in many types of buildings such as hotels, clubs, gym's, medical centre’s, office and apartment blocks, retail, light and industrial premises in Canary Wharf. Click here to find out more.


tile and cleaning repairs canary wharf

Stone repair & restoration in Canary Wharf

Over time Stone surfaces can become chipped, scratched, stained or damaged in some way. We can repair floors, walls, steps, vanity units, worktops, facades or any other stone surface that has become damaged or worn. We use the latest technology, glues epoxies, diamond abrasives and nano treatments to complete our repairs and in some instances we are able to take away and repair or fabricate items such as stair treads and risers. Click here to find out more.